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Before any food and beverage products that are packaged in hermetically sealed containers (such as cans, jars, bottles, pouches, sachets, cups, or cartons) and labeled as shelf-stable can be legally manufactured and safely sold to the public, they must be verified by a processing authority. This requirement applies to products regulated by the FDA as well as state agencies.We can help you establish the necessary Scheduled Process and deliver a recognized Process Authority Letter that will meet the requirements of state and federal regulatory agencies quickly and inexpensively.

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How it works.

At the start of the process, we review the recipes and formulas that you have sent to us. Next, we analyze the product samples you have shipped in our lab and conduct an acid or acidified product analysis. We will determine if your product falls under any exempted categories, such as having a low water activity (AW below 0.84). Once we have identified the product, we will establish safe processing parameters and conduct a risk analysis. This information is then submitted to a third-party, FDA-recognized laboratory for confirmation, leading to the issuance of a Process Authority Letter for your product.It is important to note that the FDA or state inspection agencies generally consider ambient-stored food and beverage products to be "acidified foods" unless proven otherwise. If your product is classified as an acidified food or beverage (as defined in 21 CFR 114), your processor will be required to follow various quality assurance and good manufacturing practices, as well as record keeping procedures. A Process Authority Letter, which properly documents the characteristics of your product, is required by regulations.We offer a flat-rate, all-inclusive, one-time fee of $485 for our Process Authority Services for each product that you submit. If you have multiple flavor variations of the same product, each of these variations will require its own Process Authority Letter and will be subject to the $485 fee. You can submit multiple products at the same time.


Four easy steps.

  • Step one - Checkout and pay for the Process Authority Letter Service needed.

  • Step two - Submit your recipes / formulas via email as instructed.

  • Step three - Ship a product sample to our lab as instructed.

  • Step four - Receive your Process Authority Letter within 20 days or less.


Who we are.

This Process Authority Letter Service is operated by Freedom Packers, LLC – a copacker for food and beverage products.It is difficult to get food or beverage consumer products properly made for the first time.
You have a great idea or recipe not knowing how to get the necessary, regulatory documents to get started. Spending too much time and money working with a host of different service providers and suppliers not getting across the hurdles, making and selling your products.
At Freedom Packers, we can help you getting your regulatory ducks in a row, clarify your branding, product design and simplify the manufacturing process saving you time and money. Our simple co-packing process and various services enable startups and small businesses to thrive and succeed.


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